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Large bathroom basin

- Jun 20, 2017 -

The classification of the basin

1. Angle Type basin

Because the angle of the basin covers a small area, generally applicable to the smaller bathroom, after the installation to make the bathroom more room for manoeuvre;

2. Common Type basin

Applicable to the general decoration of the bathroom, economic application, but not beautiful;

3. Vertical Basin

Suitable for small bathroom, it can be decorated with indoor high-end and other luxury bathroom solutions;

Bathroom Drop In Sinks

4,There is along the desktop basin and no along the desktop basin

Applicable to the larger space decoration of high-grade bathroom, table can be used marble or granite material.

The basin generally has three kinds of holes, namely influent hole, overflow hole and drain hole. In order to be able to fill the water basin, the drainage hole must be blocked up, the drainage hole is usually accompanied by a professional stopper, some plug can be directly opened or closed, and some with the faucet with the tension bar control.