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Introduction and Classification of bathroom sinks(2)
- May 11, 2018 -

The washbasin is a type of sanitary ware that is used in the bathroom to wash your face and  hands. The basin is divided into two types: drop-in basin and under-mount basin. This is not the difference between the basin itself, but the difference in installation. The sink installed with the rim sitting on top of the vanity top is called the drop-in basin, and which completely recess below the surface is called the under-mount sink.

Next, we’re going to introduce some basic classifications of bathroom sinks to you.

Acrylic basin

The construction of acrylic sink is processed and shaped compound, most of which are formed once combining the sink with the countertop, and are used for bathroom countertops.

Stainless steel sink

The surface of the polished stainless steel is easy to scratch, so for users who use more often, you may wish to buy brushed stainless steel.

Artificial stone basin

The manufacturing process is stone powder mixing with pigment and resin to produce a natural marble-like smooth material, but it is harder and dirt-proof, and there are more styles to choose from.

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