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how to replace sink basin

- Jun 14, 2017 -

How to replace sink basin?

The installation of the sink basin to consider how the sink itself and the surface of the table to form the most reasonable structure, there are mainly three kinds of installation methods: Stage basin, the lower basin, and the table in one shape.

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The edge of the sink basin is on top of the table, the general stage sink basin is metal. Stainless steel or the outer layer of glaze sink basin itself light weight, only by the edge of the valgus on the table with screws or splint fixed can be, fixed connection through glass or plastic steel mud to complete, but a long time, silica gel easy to black produce bacteria, in addition to degumming after easy leakage. The stage basin in the overhaul aspect is more convenient, may take down. Some of the gutters and groove itself is separate, to become the need for a separate installation of the accessories, with bolts in the bottom fixed, this style in the structure is nothing wrong, just in the Groove and the outer junction of the gap needs extra attention to keep clean.

Sink basin and stoves too near will bring inconvenience to the operation, should take into account the safety distance between the two, leaving the space to be able to display items and operations, the best refrigerator and sink side by side, the stove on the other side, this triangular layout is the most space-saving design.