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how to paint sink basin

- Jun 14, 2017 -

How to paint sink basin?

The reflection of the bathroom sink basin is generally more intense (white tile refraction light), as long as there is a sense of transparency can be more realistic, but the reflective too strong words will be able to make the whole picture gray, tile texture is also difficult to master, preferably with hard pen.

Ceramic Bathroom Sinks

Single basin sink, do what are in a sink basin, large single basin sink basin body, choose more convenient and comfortable, the market has a length of more than 900mm long basin. Styling is also more luxurious style, of course, the price is more expensive. In line with the Oriental people's cooking habits, monomer volume large, the use of spacious, can enlarge the pot, suitable for Chinese food family. Like to wash in large space, large single basin sink sink is a good choice. Many families are accustomed to use basins to wash fruits and vegetables, chopsticks, etc., a single basin in the size of the water tank is very dominant, do not worry about the pot, pots. Some of the long, coarse vegetables do not have to break, cut can be placed in the sink to clean, with very handy. Single basin sink to the faucet requirements are relatively simple, you can put aside the shackles of free choice.