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how to mount undermount bathroom sinks

- Jun 16, 2017 -

Bathroom Sink-stage basin installation

Stage basin type of sink installation is relatively simple, just follow the installation drawings in the table to open the hole, after the basin placed in the hole, with glass glue will fill the gap, the use of the table water will not be dirty, so in the family use more.

Bathroom Sink-Flat basin installation

This type of sink using a flat basin installation method, to achieve the effect of seamless installation of sinks and countertops. Flat sink edge, can easily wipe water droplets and other stains into the water tank, no stains will be left in the sink and Mesa Gap, safety and health. Because of the seamless installation of sinks and countertops, you can have a greater use of space. The sink and Mesa perfect match, the shape is beautiful.

undermount bathroom sinks

Bathroom sink-down basin installation

This type of sink in the installation, the use of the platform under the basin installation method, the sink is installed under the table, with greater use of space, easy to clean table. But the junction of the basin and Mesa is more easy to filth, need people regular maintenance and cleaning.

Bathroom sink-No open hole installation

There is a new type of flume in the installation process without opening hole installation of the sink is more convenient, but also has a number of features, such as can be installed in the corner of the style, can make full use of space. Of course, in order to ensure the quality of the kitchen sink installation, it is recommended that the majority of the owners to find a professional installation of the master to install it, and must remember to be installed after the test in the use of the process is easy to appear leaking phenomenon oh.