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How to install bathroom ceramic sink

- Jun 13, 2017 -

How to install bathroom ceramic sink

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bathroom ceramic sink

Sink installation Steps-reserved sink level

For the bathroom ceramic sink, we need to reserve the sink position before installation. and the reserved sink position needs to be based on the purchase of the sink floor plan to design, so in the purchase time need to ask the merchant sink floor plan, if no need to understand the specific size of the sink.

Sink installation Steps-install taps and hoses

After reserving the bathroom ceramic sink, you need to install the faucet and inlet pipe in advance before installing the sink to ensure that the sink can be used properly after installation, so as to avoid ill-considered

bathroom ceramic sink

Sink installation Steps--put in the sink

After making sure that the previous steps are complete, we need to put the sink in the sink position on the table, and then we need to install a matching piece between the countertop and the sink, to ensure that the sink is firmly seated and not shaken, especially to pay attention to the tight seam between the sink and the countertop and the pipe

Sink installation Steps-Install overflow hole, filter basket

For the overflow hole and the installation of the filter basket should pay attention to its sealing performance, it can be said that the two sealing performance directly related to the use of the water tank effect. Therefore, after installation need to detect overflow hole and filter basket tightness.

Installation steps of sink--mounting

The installation of the hanging piece is the final step of the bathroom ceramic sink installation, generally in the selection of the water tank will have a matching piece, the construction staff will be more water trough and table between the spacing to choose to hang, in the installation of the need to pay attention to avoid small gaps caused by the groove body shaking, to prevent leakage in the future situation.

Sink installation steps-detection and edge banding

After the installation is complete, we need to test the water inlet and seal of the tank to ensure the quality of the flume. Fill the sink with water, see if there is leakage, if it should be reinstalled, after the water discharged, test drainage. Ensure that there is no leakage or seepage after the use of silicone sealing edge, to ensure that the gap between the sink and mesa evenly.

If the installation of the bathroom ceramic sink when attention to the installation of the sink steps and precautions, I believe that in future life will not be in order to sink problems and worry.