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How To Install Bathroom Bowl Sink

- Jun 13, 2017 -

Bathroom bowl sink installation steps

1. The bathroom bowl sink installation hole cut along the cutting line, and with the basin size check.

2. Copy the opening pattern on the marble countertop and use the pen to describe the opening line on the marble countertop to be cut.

Note: To stay in the marble bench below the installation of water supply pipes, drainage, water angle valve installation space.

3. After drawing the marble hole, drill a hole in the cutting hole and cut the table along the inside of the cut line and smooth the cutting edge.

4. Install the marble countertop.

5. Place the bathroom bowl sink in the cutting hole of the marble countertop, correct the position, and draw the outline along the outer edge of the basin with a pencil.

6. Remove the basin, according to the requirements of the first installed faucet and water.

7. Place the glass glue evenly on the table between the edge of the basin and the cutting edge.

8. Install the bathroom bowl sink on the table and check that the position is accurate, then flatten the basin and wipe the excess glass on the edge of the basin.

9. After the glass gel is dry, connect the water inlet pipe and the drain pipe. When connecting the water inlet, the water in the pipeline should be discharged for 3 to 5 minutes to clean the pipe and prevent the debris from the pipe. Valve and faucet outlet.

10. Turn on the faucet to check whether the interfaces are leaked.

Bathroom Bowl Sink