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how to Install Above Counter Sinks

- Jun 16, 2017 -

How to install above counter sinks?

1.The basin installs the open hole drawing along the cutting line cut, and with the above counter sinks physical size review.

2.Copy the hole drawing on the marble table and draw the opening line with the pen on the marble countertop to be cut. In the drawing of the line must pay attention to the marble table under the faucet to install the water supply pipe, drainage, water angle valve, such as the installation space, to facilitate the follow-up basin faucets and drainage components installation.

3.After drawing the marble opening line, drilling a hole in the cutting mouth then along the cutting line of the painting to cut the table, and will cut edge repair polished slippery, in the cutting process must be careful, can not let the marble panel will rupture or the existence of the collapse, so that the basin installed out of the beautiful do not say, but also can not be put into use.

Above Counter Sinks

4.Follow the instructions to install the marble table panel.

5.Place the above counter sinks in the cutting hole of the marble table panel, correct the position and draw the contour line on the table with the pencil along the outer edge of the platform.

6.Remove the above counter sinks and install the faucet and the water cooler as required.

7.Evenly wipe the glass glue in the edge line between the basin and cutting edge of the table, seal treatment, so that you can fix the basin, but also to prevent contact surface seepage phenomenon, this must not be less.

8.Install the above counter sinks on the table, and check the location is accurate, and then flatten the basin, the edge of the taiwan basin of excess glass glue, to ensure that the overall surface of the glass gel coated, neat.

9.After the glass glue is dried, connect the inlet pipe fittings and the drainpipe, when connecting the water inlet, the water in the pipeline should first be discharged for 3-5 minutes to clean the pipe, to prevent the sand particles in the pipeline to plug the corner valve and faucet outlet, remember to wait until the glass glue dries up to use, and the drying time of glass gum generally need 24 hours later.