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How To Install Above Counter Bathroom Sink

- Jun 16, 2017 -

Above Counter Bathroom Sink Installation--a method for opening a predetermined position

For the installation of a relatively simple basin in the basin is simply three steps can be completed, the first step in the three steps is the opening of the table Basin reservation, to ensure the aesthetic after the installation of the basin, about the table in order to open holes need to pay attention to a certain method, in order to open the table at a predetermined position, the size of the toilet basin measurement. That is, to measure the size of the stage basin, measuring the size of the table basin to be installed, after measuring, in the table size measurement, and the best measurement of the position is marked out, so you can according to the location of the mark on the table to open the hole. Remember to open the hole to be particularly careful, to avoid the wrong openings, affecting the installation of the stage Basin aesthetic.

Above Counter Bathroom Sink Installation--basin placement method

When the table basin's predetermined position has opened the hole, then you can proceed to the stage of the installation of the second step of the basin, that is, the location of the basin. It's supposed to be a good hole in the table. The basin can be placed directly in the open hole. Otherwise, about the place of the basin is also necessary to pay attention to a certain method, although it is simple to place, but if the house is unreasonable. The basin will use the proper beauty. will also have a certain impact on the use of the effect, the use of the stage basin itself to take care of more trouble. However, due to the negligence of the basin placed in the basin to be placed in order to ensure that the correct placement, to ensure that the basin is placed without any branch.

Above Counter Bathroom Sink installation--a method for fixing the basin

When the basin has been placed. Which is the fixed platform basin. Only after the basin is fixed, the stage basin is really installed, it can be used, since the use of Taiwan basin hot and cold faucet is also unavoidable, the faucet should be installed before the basin has been installed, about the fixed method of the basin, is the use of glass glue.

Fill the gap between the platform basin and the table, to ensure that there is no gap, and to ensure full filling, can not overflow the appearance, but also to ensure that the stage of the installation of the aesthetic, when all the gaps are filled, after the glass glue dry, the stage basin can be used.