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How To Install a Semi-Recessed Vessel Sink

- Jun 12, 2017 -

The installation of the semi-recessed vessel sink should be orderly, can not reverse the order, otherwise endless!

1. Sink position to be reserved: In order to supply the sink to provide the approximate size of the tank. The best is provided by the sink floor plan, in order to avoid a custom-made rework. When the sink is installed, the position of the countertop should match the volume of the sink.

2. Install faucet and inlet pipe: The faucet and inlet pipe should be installed before installing the sink. In addition, the inlet pipe at one end of the faucet is connected to the inlet switch.

3. Place sink: After installing some function fittings of the sink, you can put the sink into the corresponding position on the table. The sink should be installed firmly, groove body can not sway, the installation process as much as possible to pay attention to the seal of the junction of

4. Sealed overflow hole, filter basket overflow hole, filter basket sealing degree is affecting the use of future sinks, so the overflow hole, filtration blue sealing degree is very important. After installation, you must check the overflow hole, filter basket sealing condition.

5. Install the matching piece, the general semi-recessed vessel sink to buy a home, the workers will be based on the size of the sink kitchen counter surface. After putting in the countertop, we need to install the supporting hanging piece between the trough body and the countertop. Installation, should avoid small voids caused by the groove body shaking, to prevent subsequent leakage of the situation.

6. Drainage test, sealing edge installation completed to do drainage test. Fill the semi-recessed vessel sink with water and test the water and overflow holes drainage. If the drainage is found where there is water seepage phenomenon, should be redone immediately. After the drainage test, make sure that no in the case of a problem, you can seal the sink. To ensure that the sink is connected with the countertop when the silicone is sealed.the gap is even, there can be no seepage.