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How to fit sink vanity unit

- Jun 13, 2017 -

How to fit sink vanity unit?

Ceramic sink vanity 's greatest advantage is good care, easy to clean, clean the same as the new, high temperature resistance, temperature change, surface hardness wear resistance, anti-aging. Most of the ceramic sinks are white and black pearl, but the ceramic sink can be colored at any time, so the color is actually richer. You can choose the appropriate ceramic sink according to the overall tone of the bathroom, add a hint of aura and comfort to the overall design of the bathroom, but the price is naturally more expensive.


The disadvantage of ceramic sink vanity is not as strong as stainless steel and cast iron, if it is not careful may be broken, so also pay special attention to some, the other water absorption rate is low, if water infiltration of ceramic, will produce swelling deformation.

Ceramic sink vanity The most important thing is to see whether he is high-temperature firing, must reach 1200 degrees Celsius above the high temperature is called high-temperature firing, so as to ensure that the change basin water absorption rate drops, on the other hand is glazed, glazed good to ensure good cleaning. The important reference index for selecting ceramic sinks is glaze finish, brightness and ceramic storage rate. High finish products, pure color, not easy to hang dirty fouling, easy to clean, self-cleaning good. The lower the water absorption rate the better the product.