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How to do clean and clean the sink work

- May 16, 2017 -

From the material characteristics of the point of view, the most common stainless steel sink because of its price with a variety of grades for consumers to choose, and stainless steel material to show the metal texture is quite modern, can achieve wild effect, and easy to clean, At the same time with corrosion resistance, high temperature, moisture resistance and so on.


Artificial stone sinks, commonly known as acrylic sinks, are corrosion-resistant, have a strong plasticity, and there is no seams at the corners, which is more mild than the metallic texture of a stainless steel sink. And acrylic has a rich color to choose from, can be used with the overall kitchen, but be careful to use, sharp knives and rough things will scratch the surface and destroy the finish.


    In addition, the ceramic sink has gradually become the new darling of the market, its advantage is high temperature, temperature change, easy to clean, hard surface wear, anti-aging, and very aristocratic temperament, but after all, ceramic products, if not careful Was broken. At the same time, this material is low water absorption, if the water into the ceramic, will produce expansion deformation. Good ceramic sink on the process of higher requirements, so the price can not be accepted by most consumers.


Sink cleaning and maintenance tips

In the daily cleaning to be used sponge or cotton and other soft materials, clean the scrub gently, can not use steel ball wipe and other washing tank, so as not to leave scratches, long-term use will cause the metal particles attached to the basin wall lead to rust.

In the choice of detergent can choose a neutral detergent, if left difficult to remove the stains can be diluted with the home of vinegar after cleaning, and then rinse with water. For the water stains, rust the most convenient way to remove is to use toothpaste smear to be a minute or two with a clean cloth can be wiped gently. Of course, now the market has a special anhydrous cleaning cream, apply to stainless steel, glass and other materials, but also try.