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How To Deep Clean Bathroom Sink

- Jun 14, 2017 -

Our homes have bathroom sinks, but it's not that easy to clean up, but it doesn't matter, I have the knack. These tips can help you deep clean bathroom sinks.

1. If the surface of the bathroom sink is simply stained with oil, you can use a neutral cleanser and wipe it with sponge. Do not recommend the use of wire ball cleaning, easy to leave scratches.

2. There is always a layer of grease on the surface of the bathroom sink, and if you want to clean it in a natural way, you can scrape it with a fruit core. The fruit core contains pectin, pectin has the effect of removing oil and dirt.

3. Bathroom sinks cannot be poured into boiling broth or corrosive liquids. Clean the cleanser or acid with acid.

4. Bathroom sinks blockage, you can use the pump hose plug into the sewer, and then put a small amount of water in the trough, the last non-stop to cheer up, the trough can be quickly dredge.

5. Sink drain plug, you can pour the soda solution in the drain, after a while, the deposition in the tube will decompose, and finally rinse with water, can be unblocked.

6. There is another way to dredge a plastic stick in the waterway, water in the sink, and twitch the plastic rods, suction and pressure under the action of the blockage of the sediment will be washed away.