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How to clean ceramic bathroom sink

- Jun 13, 2017 -

How to clean ceramic bathroom sink?

ceramic bathroom sink

To make the ceramic bathroom sink always as new, please clean it Frequently:

• Rinse with water immediately after use, wipe dry with cloth, do not use steel cotton scrub, do not leave any mineral and water stains, lest cause the sink discoloration or rust.

• If you still can not clean with water, please first use a mild detergent cleaning, and then rinse with water.

• Do not make a strong cleaning agent for long time contact with ceramic bathroom sinks, after each use can be cleaned with water, and then wipe with cloth dry.

Do not use the following methods to clean ceramic bathroom sinks:

• Wear-resistant detergents such as: Powder

• Abrasive cleaning appliances, such as metal brushes, wire mesh, green or white scouring cloth, and corrosive detergent with strong acid base