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How To Clean Bathroom Porcelain Sink

- Jun 15, 2017 -

Bathroom porcelain sink daily cleaning and use: Most families choose sink porcelain when bathroom sink, white porcelain sink can be said to be the classic in the basin. However, with day to day use, slowly will find, it seems that the home of the porcelain basin has not started so smooth, porcelain surface has become yellow, and even small cracks and scratches, and the gap between the table is also covered with dirt.How to clean bathroom porcelain sink


1.Clean: If the use of the process in the basin left a stain, immediately rinse with water, and clean cloth wipe will not damage the basin. If you accidentally sprinkle the strong lotion such as 84 disinfection liquid on the basin, but also immediately diluted with water rinse. For the stains that have been wiped out, such as tea stains, coffee stains, ink and so on, with soft towels and detergent, washing detergent, etc. Can be cleaned.

2.Check: Want to check the home of the basin has a dark crack, just in the basin filled with water, add colored pigment soaked one night, you can see clearly.

3.Use: Daily use, should pay attention to keep the basin clean, washing products sticky in the basin should be cleaned in time. Do not leave water in the basin, to keep the basin dry, so that it can be a long time to keep the basin smooth and clean. And the production of dark crack may be due to improper use, sudden cold sudden heat will shorten the life of the basin, so to avoid directly in the basin into the hot water.