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How To Clean a Ceramic Bathroom Sink

- Jun 16, 2017 -

Ceramic bathroom sink,these sanitary ware are the most common life of modern urban people must be products, are ceramic ware, and like ceramic bathroom sink such sanitary ware, use a period of time will be yellowing, no matter how you use water, it seems to be dirty, but it must be used every day, in fact, like this ceramic bathroom sink can be restored white, so that you feel comfortable. 

Ceramic Bathroom Sink

There are many uses of salt, one of which is to clean ceramic bathroom sink, which makes many housewives stretch their faces. Now, what is the ultimate method? In fact, it is very simple: Only the salt and a small amount of turpentine mixed into a paste, painted in the ceramic bathroom sink, static after 15 minutes, and then wipe with a wet sponge clean, yellow porcelain can restore the original white. Not only is the lavatory wash basin, as long as is belongs to the ceramic sanitary ware this aspect may use this method to try! Including the bathroom wash basin above the faucet can also be used to clean the salt oh, when you think you use the dark faucet, you can also use the same amount of salt, flour and vinegar to stir into a paste, coated with soft cloth, static to 1 of a child wipe, the faucet can restore brightness. And sprinkle a little salt on the brass decorations and sponge it clean, can play the role of polishing.