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How to choose ceramic sink

- Nov 14, 2017 -

How to choose ceramic sink

Ceramic sinks are baked with high temperatures. They are not only alkali resistant, acid resistant, high temperature resistant, and will never fade, but also contain no radioactive substances. Ceramic sink also has extraordinary artistic sense and decoration, it has become an important choice in home decoration. How to choose a good ceramic sink has become a problem for many people. Here are some reference points for choosing ceramic sinks

1、Glaze finish, brightness

In choosing ceramic sinks, the first concern is the smoothness of the glaze and the brightness of the sink.

2、Water absorption index

Water absorption rate is an index in judging the ability of ceramic products to absorb and permeate water. When purchasing ceramic sinks, people should pay more attention to the instructions of manufacturers, and choose the products with low water absorption rate.  

3、Process, pattern, color

Process, pattern and color are very important points in choosing ceramic sinks, and attention should be paid to their process, pattern and color.


In addition, sound is also a way to judge the quality of ceramic sinks. We gently tap the ceramic sink with our hands. If we can hear the loud and striking sound, then the ceramic basin is a good quality ceramic basin. If the sound is hoarse and the surface of the product is cracked, then the ceramic sink is inferior in quality.

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