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how install undermount bathroom sink

- Jun 15, 2017 -

How install undermount bathroom sink?

Flat undermount bathroom sink Installation.

undermount bathroom sink

The installation method of flat undermount bathroom sink is adopted to realize the effect of seamless installation of sink and table. The edge of the flat trough, can easily wipe water droplets and other stains into the sink, 1 no stains will be left in the gutters and countertops in the gap, safety and health. Due to the seamless installation of sinks and countertops, there is a greater use of space. The sink and Mesa Perfect match, the appearance is beautiful.

Set down undermount bathroom sink.

undermount bathroom sink

The use of the platform under the undermount bathroom sink installation method, the undermount bathroom sink is installed under the table, with greater use of space, easy to clean table. In general, the lower basin is directly glued to the stone table, its advantage is to do health convenience. The drawback is that after a long time glue and stone bonding to the aging loose off leakage, want to compare firmly. will be under the table under the home decoration more fixed metal base, especially the end of the mixer. The faucet is often used to loosen the place where the sink is glued to the stone table. If you want to be convenient to recommend the stage basin.