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Does the black pearl sink

- Jun 13, 2017 -

Does the black pearl sink?

Rectangular Undermount Bathroom Ceramic Black Basin Sinks Granite Countertop Sink, SS-U1713BLK

Ceramics are the name of pottery and porcelain. The Chinese invented pottery as early as 8,000-2000 BC (Neolithic Age). Ceramic materials are mainly composed of silica, alumina, potassium oxide, sodium hydroxide, calcium oxide, magnesium oxide, iron oxide, titanium oxide and so on. Common ceramic materials are clay, quartz, potassium and sodium feldspar and so on. Ceramic raw materials generally have higher hardness, but less plasticity. In addition to the use of food, decoration, in the development of science and technology also play an important role. Ceramic raw material is the Earth's original large amount of resources clay, quartz, feldspar after processing. And the nature of the clay with toughness, at room temperature can be plastic, micro-dry can be carved, half dry can be pressed, all dry can be grinded, burned to 900 degrees can be a pottery can be filled with water, burning to 1230 degrees of porcelain, can be completely without water and high-temperature corrosion resistance. The flexibility of its use in today's culture and technology is still a variety of creative applications.

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Black Pearl ceramic sink is for the image of the black ceramic sink salutation, ceramic material sinks are currently on the market sink series in the mainstream products, coupled with the production of black ceramic sink mature technology, economic benefits more by the vast number of consumers welcome. Ceramic material sink also has a very big advantage is that it is not easy to dirty, it is very easy to take care of, clean water plus dishcloth to wipe it.