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Classification of Ceramic Sink

- Nov 17, 2017 -

Classificationof Ceramic Sink

Ceramic sink can be classified into drop-in sinks or undermount sinks. This classification is not according to the difference between the sinks themselves, but the difference in installation. drop-in sinks rim sits on top of the countertop while undermount sinks are installed underneath the countertop.

Drop in Oval Porcelain Bathroom Vanity Sink.jpg

The installation of drop-in sinks is relatively simple, just follow the installation diagram to open a hole in the countertop, then put the sink in the hole, finally fill the gap with glass cement to prevent water from flowing down the gap, this is why drop-in sinks are chosen by more and more families. Drop-in sinks have all kinds of shapes that can adapt to more decoration styles.

The installation of undermout sinks is more complicated compared with drop-in sinks. It requires more work to properly install. 

White Rectangular Undermount Ceramic Vessel Sink.jpg