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Ceramic white sink

- Jun 17, 2017 -

Single tank sink Installation instructions:

1. Draw a template: Turn the trough in the installation position, place or use the installation template, hold down the trough basin or template, with the marker pen along the edge of the trough to draw the outline.

2. Draw the cutting line: Take open trough basin, inside the boundary line inside 6.4mm to draw the inner edge cutting wire. Note: 6.4mm size requirement is very accurate, this distance enough to install fasteners. Remove the template, the boundary is the cutting line.

Ceramic white sink

3. Cutting Groove Position: Drill a diameter of 10mm hole in the inside of the cutting line, cut out the position of the kitchen basin along the cut line, please hold the cutting part to avoid rupture, before installing the fastener, put the kitchen basin into the cutting mouth to check the size of the incision and the position of the four corners.

4. Install the faucet: in the kitchen basin position from the incision size of about 6. Fill the transparent silica gel at 4mm, the glue width is 3. $number. 4mm, too wide will cause the kitchen basin seal bad, before putting into the kitchen basin, install the faucet first, the faucet installation please refer to the installation instructions.

5. Place the kitchen Basin: the front of the kitchen basin close to the table openings and cover silica gel, and then slowly put down the kitchen.

6. Install the solid: Place the "U" type fastener at the junction bar, insert "U" type fasteners from any port of the connecting bar, and place one at each end of each connector.