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Can you polish porcelain sink

- Jun 14, 2017 -

Can you polish porcelain sink?

High-grade ceramic sink porcelain surface after special material treatment to reduce the hanging water and dirt residue, cleaning should also refer to the above method.

polish porcelain sink

If the food residue processor is not installed, the water outlet should be placed in the water outlets to facilitate the clean-up of vegetable residues to avoid clogging the sewer pipeline.

Cleaning sink porcelain with sponge or cotton, such as cleaning agent to use a neutral detergent gently scrub.

Toothpaste or talcum powder can be wiped, the market also has special polishing cream to remove water spots and rust.

If the retention of water produced a mineral deposition, you can use a low concentration of vinegar solution to remove, and then completely clean water.