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can bathroom sinks be painted

- Jun 13, 2017 -

can bathroom sinks be painted?

The answer is no.

bathroom sinks

From the current market demand, ceramic bathroom sinks is still the first choice for people, one is the habitual popular use of ceramic basin, the second is to add the designer design of the perfect shape, so that the ceramic basin is no lack of personalized products. More and more personalized ceramic basins appear in front of us, the same round, oval, square and rectangular, as well as bowl-shaped, fan-shaped, petal shape and so on.

In addition, the recent popular color glazed ceramic bathroom sinks can be suitable for different styles of decoration, favored by consumers. The advantages of ceramic basin is good care, easy to clean, clean up and new, the same, high temperature resistance, temperature change, surface hard wear resistance, anti-aging. Most ceramic sinks are white, but ceramic sinks can be colored when made, so the color is actually richer. The master can choose the appropriate ceramic sink according to the overall tone of the kitchen, add a hint of Reiki for the whole design of the kitchen, but the price is more expensive.