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Can an undermount bathroom sink be replaced

- Jun 15, 2017 -

Can an undermount bathroom sink be replaced?

the answer is yes.

undermount bathroom sink

The method for replacing the undermount bathroom sink is as follows:

1, the first is to remove the old sewer, a hand from the bottom of the water to screw the fixed ring.

2, the second one is to wipe the dirty things.

3. The third one is to start installing the new sewer. Look at the gasket before installing. One is a white foam gasket, and one is a black rubber gasket. The white gasket is placed on top, and the black rubber gasket and the fixing sleeve are placed below.

4, understand this order put the main body to put in, and the following casing to the screws,

Be sure to be neat in order to wring.

5, cover the lid on it.