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Bowl Sink Above Counter

- Jun 07, 2017 -

About sinks the installment way: Is under the basin good, or is the stage basin good?

In the family generally with bowl sink above counter more, bowl sink above counter because the diameter of the basin is larger than the table dug hole, is to be placed directly on the table, the table basin and mesa joints on the silicone can be, the construction is more convenient, if the bad, the silicone removal, from above directly pick up on the surface can be.

The advantage of the basin is that the use will not destroy the flatness of the table, clean up more convenient, visual effects also more modern, gradually people like.

Bowl sink above counter, the price will be more expensive, the bottom of the basin along with the table open hole size is consistent, the lower basin in order to and mesa fitting, its contact with the table part must be connected with the table, to use a special binder bonding, bonding strength high, so the construction more difficult. If the basin is broken, it is impossible to separate the table under the basin and table, only together with the table to exchange. If you choose a more well-known brand of the lower basin, the quality is guaranteed, normal use will not be bad, more important is the installation of master's craft, use the basin pros and cons, or see your own choice.

Bowl Sink Above Counter