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Black porcelain sink scratch repair

- Jun 05, 2017 -

Black porcelain sink including sanitary ware body, its main feature is that the surface of the ware body is also equipped with a matte glaze.

Because the surface of the Black porcelain sink has a matte glaze layer, so that the surface of Rectangular Undermount Bathroom Ceramic Black Granite Countertop Basin Sinks lubrication, can give the person a kind of expensive and thick feeling, in the interior lamp illumination will not make a person feel dazzling, also won't give a person texture frivolous feeling. In the bathtub surface has a matte glaze layer, will give a person a kind of lubrication warm feeling, avoid give a person a kind of cold and creamy feeling.

Black porcelain sink

How Black porcelain sink scratch repair?

1, daily cleaning can be used household detergent.

2, add a little ammonia with soap or a mixture of the same amount of flaxseed and turpentine, decontamination is stronger, the tile can be rubbed more shiny.

3, such as strong tea or ink, such as dye-like liquid sprinkled on the brick, should be cleaned immediately.

4, regularly for polished tiles waxing, to achieve lasting protection effect, time interval of 2-3 months appropriate.

5, such as brick surface appears a little scratches, in the scratches place the toothpaste, with soft dry cloth to wipe the scratches can be wiped clean.