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Bathroom Wash Basins Toilets

- Jun 13, 2017 -

Bathroom wash basins toilets are an indispensable furniture, but also the most frequently used products. In bathroom wash basins toilets choice, in addition to considering the material, but also to consider the size of the wash basin. So bathroom wash basins toilets size exactly how to determine?

Bathroom Wash Basins Toilets

1. Angle-type basin size because of the angle of the small basin area, the general angle of the basin size 650mm, suitable for smaller bathrooms, after the installation of the bathroom has more leeway.

2. Common type basin size for 600mm, suitable for general decorative toilet basin size for 600mm, suitable for general decoration of the toilet.

3. Vertical basin size vertical basin size for 750mm, suitable for small bathrooms. It can match with the indoor upscale decoration and other luxurious sanitary ware.

4. There are along the desktop basin and no along the desktop basin size have along the table basin and no along the desktop basin size for

900mm, suitable for large space decoration more high-grade toilet use, mesa can use marble or granite material.