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bathroom vanity countertops vessel sink

- May 23, 2017 -

Bathroom vanity countertops vessel sink is a kind of sanitary ware, toilet for washing face, wash the porcelain basin. The basin is divided into two kinds: terrace basin and Lower basin. This is not the difference between the basin itself, but the installation of the difference. Bathroom vanity Countertops vessel Sink Prominent Mesa is called the Stage Basin, bathroom vanity countertops vessel sink completely sunken below Mesa is called the pedestal basin. The installation of the stage basin is relatively simple, just press the installation drawings in the table to open the hole, after the basin placed in the hole, with the glass glue will fill the gap, the use of the table water will not be dirty, so in the family use more. The basin is easy to use, water and other sundries can be directly wiped into the sink, but can not change the sink, repair trouble. After the installation of the basin after the overall appearance is relatively neat and easy to take care of, so more in public places.

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