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Bathroom Sink Bowl Repair

- May 21, 2017 -

For the bathroom sink bowl repair guide, we are divided into the following points.

1, after the use of immediately clean, dry storage, as far as possible not to leave water droplets on the surface, because of the high iron composition of moisture will lead to the production of floating rust, high mineral composition of water will produce white film.

2, such as in the bottom of the sink mineral precipitation, can be first diluted with vinegar to remove, rinse with water.

3, can not be a long time hard objects or rusty objects and sinks contact.

4, can not be rubber pads, wet sponge or clean the whole night to stay in the bathroom sink bowl.

5, pay attention to fluorine-containing household products, bleach, food and silver-containing cleaning and sulphur, hydrochloric acid cleaning products have potential hazards.

6, if the photographic chemical composition or soldering iron flux and trough contact, must immediately flush the bathroom sink bowl.

7, cannot use the iron ring or the coarse cleaning material to clean the sink.

8, any wrong use or improper cleaning methods will be harmful to the bathroom sink bowl.

Bathroom Sink Bowl