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Bathroom glass vessel sink vanity

- Jun 05, 2017 -

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Ceramic bowl sink vanity: With clay and other raw materials through high-temperature firing molding basin.

Glass bowl sink vanity: With tempered glass as raw materials through the processing of the basin, many for the Taiwan basin body set for sale.


There are some bathroom glass vessel sink vanity at the bottom of the market there are a variety of different colors, different materials of paint, claiming to be able to prevent sweat and moisture, how exactly? In fact, the main purpose of spray coating at the bottom of the sink is to prevent temperature-difference condensation, protect the cabinets, while reducing the noise of the water, which is only a minor function or different way of saying. Frozen food into the sink or spring and summer humid weather, because the trough temperature is low, water vapor will agglutination basin bottom form water droplets. Drip drops can cause cabinets to wet. Spray on the bottom of the trough a suitable coating, may reduce or even eliminate the temperature difference, the destruction of water droplets formation, high-quality coating has a certain tidal function, protect the cabinet from flooding. But the market on the bottom of the trough most of the ordinary paint, does not absorb the tide, the dew-proof function is not very much, just dangling.