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Bathroom Ceramic Sink Maintenance

- Mar 28, 2017 -

The follow simple maintenance tips will keep your sink looking its best for years.

1. Routine Cleaning: Use soft bristle brush or sponge and gentle detergent to clean the sink’s surface. Do not pour hot water directly on the sink as this may cause it to crack. Pour in cold water before following with hot water to clear the detergent.

2. Regular Maintenance: Take out the stain and accumulated dirt from the drainage; this will make sure that water flows smoothly.

3. Regular Testing: In order to check for cracks, soak the sink with colored pigment overnight, this will make crack visible.

4. Use Sponges with cleaning detergent to clean your sink. Cooking cloth, hard brushes, alkaline chemical or solvent wipe can damage the sink and cause dirt to accumulate in these areas.

5. Both glass and ceramic sink has low thermal conductivity. Constant and sudden changes in temperature can cause cracks. Make sure that the difference in temperature is not big. Also avoid any collision which can cause ruptures on the surface.

6. If your sink is embedded in the counter, clean the surface where the sink and the counter connect.