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Are ceramic sinks easy to clean

- Jun 13, 2017 -

Are ceramic sinks easy to clean?

Ceramic bathroom sink one of the tips: a lot of friends do not know is out of haste or have minded habits, the regular will be something conveniently thrown in the wash basin, which not only is not conducive to the cleaning of the sink and it is likely because the items fell to the drainpipe and blocked.

Ceramic bathroom sink

Ceramic bathroom sink Maintenance tips of the second: the sink on the top of the board should not be placed on larger items of daily necessities. This will, to a certain extent, lead to the inability of the substrate to load and fall onto the sink to hit the sink.

Irregular cleaning of the ceramic bathroom sink faucet, the use of disassembly and cleaning methods, can effectively avoid the blockage of the pipe. At the same time every three months to half a year to check the surface of the sink, check whether there is a dark mark, timely repair.

Ceramic bathroom sink Maintenance tips of the third: the cleaning of the sink should often do, can not choose strong acid alkaline detergent, to use neutral detergent. Note that the material of the sink belongs to the ceramic, do not use hot water rinse, lest cause the basin to crack. Cleaning the sink cloth material must be a softer fabric, such as sponge or cotton cloth. Do not use coarse materials such as brushes or hard objects to wipe.