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Advantage of Bathroom Ceramic Sink

- Apr 24, 2017 -

Ceramic Basins are made by heating raw material at the high-temperature of 1280 degree. Which is why ceramic sink is heat resistant, scratch resistant, stain resistant, easy to clean and won’t absorb water.


Advantage of high temperature ceramics

Heat: Heat resistant of 1280 degrees or more

Color: Vibrant, delicate, and full

Feel: Smooth and delicate

Sound: Crisp

Texture: Highly durable

High temperature ceramic sink has less than 2 % water absorption. It is easy to clean, would not absorb odor, would not easily crack, and would not easily leak.

1. People have been using ceramic basin for years, and has deeply rooted into their lives.

2. Ceramic Sink is affordable

3. Diverse shape: Available in oval, rectangular, semi circle, square, triangular, and irregular shape

4. Rich colors. Hand painted ceramic sink is becoming more and more welcomed in the market.