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Above Counter Sink Bowl

- Jun 15, 2017 -

The selection method of stage basin:

1. Pick Material

(1) Artificial stone above counter sink bowl: Man-made stone platform basin is generally connected together, relative to ceramics and glass, clean more convenient, more coordination.

(2) Tempered glass table basin: This stage basin is characterized by crystal clear, color diversification, more patterns, relatively high prices, especially for the pursuit of a unique young white collar.

(3) Stainless steel platform basin: Stainless steel material on the stage basin for kitchen, clean and convenient.

(4) Ceramic above counter sink bowl: Ceramic material basin seems to be the most common. It can be matched with any decoration style, a variety of sizes of space, easy to clean, not easily contaminated stains, modelling and diverse, mainly white.

2. In the selection of the basin, the first consideration of the installation environment space size. In general, when the width is less than 70 cm in space installation, it is not recommended to select the above counter sink bowl . Because the above counter sink bowl wants to install within 70 centimeters, can choose the product kind is few, after installs will appear cramped, the visual effect is poor. The purchase of an independent platform basin, but also to take into account the height of the faucet and other issues, to prevent the faucet too low impact of the use of the basin. In addition, if the purchase of the table basin is not accompanied by a faucet and other accessories, or their own want to replace the faucet, you need to take into consideration the practical functions of the faucet, such as the choice of whether or not with telescopic function of the faucet.

3, see hand: The market is mixed, to select a good table basin experts remind, a of good ceramic basin is determined by its production process, after high-temperature firing of the ceramic basin of anti-fouling ability than by low-temperature firing of much better. In addition, the ceramic basin glaze is directly related to the use of future effects, glazed good basin is not easy to stain stains, cleaning convenient, commonly used as new. The specific way to buy is: backlighting to observe whether the glaze surface of ceramics is bright, smooth, no bubbles, no pinhole, no sand holes, colorless spots, reflective ability, etc. can also be used hand touch, if the feeling is flat, delicate, percussion sound crisp is a good ceramic basin.