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Above Counter Double Bathroom Sink

- Jun 10, 2017 -

Above counter double bathroom sink design is widely used in the home, the double basin sink is compared to the single basin sink, you can clean and dirty cleaning separately. (1) most of the double basin type for the size of the basin, the sink a large one small, you can wash things on the other side of the place. It's very convenient and clean. If you buy a double basin sink, it's best to buy a sink, a smaller sink, and a small sink that can hold a garbage processor. Big can wash some big things. (2) the mother-child double basin can be placed at will, and is not welded with the sink. Sub-mother basin from a convenient and practical point of view, you can choose a freshman small "Mother" Type kitchen basin, that is, a main basin plus a supplementary basin body, the main basin washing, auxiliary basin for use in the net bubble. Such a kitchen basin in the use of the process can be free to adjust the storage.

Above Counter Double Bathroom Sink