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About rectangular undermount bathroom sink reviews

- Jun 05, 2017 -

Rectangular undermount bathroom sink material is the most people choose the basin material, and the market on the ceramic basin products are also very many. So how to choose Ceramic basin? Mainly concerned about its glaze quality.


When buying rectangular undermount bathroom sink, the paper focuses on its glaze smoothness, brightness and the water absorption rate of ceramics, and can be identified by means of looking, touching and knocking.

Glass has very high hardness, so it has the characteristics of scratch and scratch resistance. And the glass has excellent coloring and inborn reflex ability, can make the bathroom look more crystal clear. Therefore, many people are welcome. So how to choose the Glass basin?

Select the glass basin, first look at the thickness of the rectangular sinks bathroom. Glass basin thickness of 19mm, 15mm and 12mm, and so on, if the economic conditions allow, it is best to choose the 19mm wall-thickness products, because it can withstand to 80 Shan of the relative high temperature, impact resistance and damage resistance is better. In addition, the selection of glass basin should be concerned about its shape, the thickness of the basin is consistent, to the color uniformity, the surface full and smooth without bubbles are preferred.

Because ceramics and glass are the two main materials to buy the basin, so the above is the detailed introduction of two products to choose from. And for other material products, when you pay attention to the formal bathroom market choice of professional brand purchase, shop, in addition, through the inspection certificate, generally can be selected to a more satisfactory products